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Hi! I'm Jane E. Hawkins and this is my home page. Thanks for checking in. If you're trying to figure out whether I'm the one you once knew, check out my quickie bio.

If you're looking to fill a position, I'm absurdly happy with my current job but free feel to look at my resume.

Jane and Luke snuggle in public (link to larger version)

Here's a picture of me snuggling with my beloved Luke. We're divorced now, but still close. Sorta confusing, in a way, but I sure prefer this over some of the alternatives! Click to see a bigger (and much better!) version. I stole the picture from Anita Rowland. Thanks, Anita!

Following this are some links to various scribbles I've done, and some sites I like.

Hope life is treating you well. Happy Surfing!
Jane E. Hawkins

Some essays, in no particular order.

Who's Me?
The Lathe of Heaven
IFusion, an Internet startup that did what most of them do.
A Book With My Name On It!
My Resume
Relationship Talk

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